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Welcome to our website. This project is an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) story . It is based on a man and family in the stone age. The man has a range of elemental powers, which can be seen throughout the story. The family decided to have a barbeque on the beach where they noticed a tsunami in the distance. The man ends up turning into a wall saving his family life but sacrificing his own life in the process.     

The story's central theme is sacrifice, as in the end, the man gives up his own life to save his family life, but themes of love, bonding, and family can also be seen through the story through the family spending time together before a tsunami threatens to tear the family apart. The ending, while a bit on the darker side as the man turns in a wall giving up his life, shows the sacrifice the man was willing to make to save the people he loves most. 

Our Team

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Project Manger/ Graphics Desiger




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Audio Designer


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Sneak peak of our project

Dad character
Dad character side profile
Mum character
Mum character side profile
Son 1 character
Son 1 character side profile
Son 2 character
Son 2 character side profile
 All of the family
Beach scene
Beach wave scene
Beach scene 2
Stating point of making the island
Edge of the island
Making of the audio
Making of the audio
Making of the audio
Making of the audio
Our first example
Our first character
Testing AR codes in Aero'
Testing scenes in Aero
Animation in Aero
Testing beach scene in Aero
Scene 2 in Aero
Testing scenes in Aero
Testing Beach scenes in Aero
Testing finished Beach scenes in Aero
Scene 2 in Aero
Testing Beach wave scenes in Aero
Testing  bigger Beach wave scenes in Aero
Testing final finished Beach scenes in Aero
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